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    I read an interesting article and hoping we can discuss it. One of the main reasons for cast abandonment (56%) is the customer is presented with unexpected costs. Even if we can cut cart abandonment even by 20%, we'll be making more money.

    1) Followup emails: The study says they should be sent within 15 MINUTES. The cart abandonment module would work if it offered 15 minutes instead of 1 HOUR or longer. Hey, I shop online all the time. Within 1 hour, you can bet I've found the product elsewhere. And an hour later the email shows up asking if we can help. You've got to be kidding. Study shows that you are 3 times more likely to close that sale within 15 minutes than 1 hour later. (As a side comment - it would be nice to have the email ask them why they left and have a response list that is returned to us)

    2) Unexpected costs: Shipping costs are a surprise on the checkout page. Most customers don't even try the Shopping Cart "enter zip code" box. How have you solved that? (Unexpected high shipping costs are one of the largest causes of cart abandonment. (If you are able to offer free shipping and lowest price on the net without going broke, I am really impressed.)

    Maybe 3Dcart is solving #1?

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    Davef, I agree with you 100% on point 1. I can't help but notice that there has been a notice on the Admin for many months saying "New Abandoned Cart Saver module is Coming Soon!". I wonder what soon means. I also agree on point 2, but I don't know what the solution might be. I've never been able to understand how sites can offer free shipping and lowest prices. I'd love to be able to to it and still make a profit. I see that Amazon has increased their minimum order for free shipping, and have lost a ton of money on shipping.


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      In that the server admins argued with me over the term "urgent" and I quote "urgent can be 7 days for some people" space and time is hot acknowledged here - any 3rd party cart abandonment solution will give you a dash board with adult like feedback on abandonment and recover


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        I also agree that it would be nice to have more control on the built in Cart abandonment module. I worry about the cost of the new module if it is offered as an add-on App.
        However, I do disagree on the 15 minutes window as a final answer. When I look at many of the orders on our site, I see that some of the customers have come back over several days, sometimes days apart. We have ours set at 6 hours. There are services out there that will allow you to do multiple follow up e-mails, however the cost is too high for us to use them.


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          without stats which are not available with 3dcarts abaondomement mod you'll never know the ROI on an abandonment solution


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            It may depend on the type of product. If you are buying a TV, you may need several days. On the other hand, more urgent or less expensive items may not take days. If you are buying a gift, you may need to decide more quickly. My guess is that some researchers on the net have analyzed this - just a matter of finding them. I'd like the option to change the settings to 15 minutes and monitor it.


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              You can setup cart abandonment emails on your own if you want. you can use a service like Klaviyo. We are in the process of integrating it to our store. We ran a short test on another platform store and that is also being integrated. The possibilities with this and zappier make for some really in depth tools.

              We are going to use this to setup a bunch of email triggers. You can use it for anything you do email wise with a customer. You can set triggers for just about anything to send a variety of emails. Emails because a customer did not finish checkout. Emails to a customer that placed an order, but that order had a consumable on it can be emailed a month down the road reminding them to reorder because they may be almost out. You can create a series of emails for news letter subscribers that coax them into ordering over time instead of just hitting them randomly with emails.

              It can get expensive, but once you have this integrated and finely tuned it normally will start pumping out money in sales.