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  • Customer Pick-Up From Store / Warehouse

    Hi all,

    I searched the forum, but most of the posts that I found on this topic date back to 2014...

    I would like to have a Customer Pick-Up from Warehouse as a "shipping" option.

    Does anyone out there do such a thing, and if so, how did you go about it? Note: we only have 1 location, so it's not overly complex.

    I tested today by setting a Custom Shipping Method as Store Pick-Up, but I saw at least one issue right off the bat:

    1) We use multi-step checkout, and as you proceed to Checkout Step 3 (Billing), you see "Shipping: Your order will be delivered to [address entered in Checkout Step 1 (Shipping)]". Obviously, the customer's order would NOT be delivered anywhere...they're picking it up from our physical location.

    2) I would need further testing, but I need to ensure that it calculates the sales tax rate based on the customer picking up from our warehouse (so local sales tax applies @ 7%).

    Does anyone have any insight and/or other ways of having a Customer Pick-Up option?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We set up a custom shipping method based on zipcodes. Then put in all the zipcodes in the area. When someone enters there shipping address and they are local, it charges the right tax, and offers them the option for "instore pickup".

    Since it relys on zipcode, someone has to already know they can do instore pickup. We have only a small number of people do it, so it does not make since to have a banner about it to let people know they can. (Your situation might be different)

    Since jnstore pickup is free, it is automatically selected as the default if it's available. Many people miss this, and actually want it shipped, but don't change it from default.

    Ideas for improvement:
    Make a button on your checkout page that says " jnstore pickup". It uses JavaScript to input your warehouse location in the shipping address. Create some weird number for the zipcode, and then use that made up number in the custome shipping by zipcode. This way only people who click the button will be presented with the free shipping option. And you could hide all other shipping options based on the made up zipcode.

    Check it out:
    If your interested in seeing how we do it. Go here: use a Albuquerque New Mexico 87102 address. (Street does not matter as there is no validation)


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      I just did some testing. This shipping method by zipcode is a simple matching system... so you can type ANYTHING into the zipcode, and if the customer types that into the zipcode field at checkout then it matches.

      So this is even more simple than I thought. I setup a new shipping method by zip code, and then entered my store zipcode with a star after it: "87102*" (The reason I don't make it something crazy is that it will show as the shipping address on their invoice, so I don't want to confuse them, and some people might use that address in google maps.)

      Since "87102*" is not a valid zipcode all shipping methods fail, other then the custom one I setup. BUT if someone in my zipcode actually wants shipping, and they enter "87102" the system will show shipping options, and not confuse them with the free shipping option.

      Now, I just need to write a button that inputs my store address in the shipping with the "*" after the zipcode. And make another button that clears it, if they change their mind.

      You can test it yourself like before. If you just put in "87102" you will see "instore pickup" and shipping options. If you enter "87102*" it hides shipping options and shows "instore pickup test"


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        Thanks so much for the tips and advice. I think I'm going to have a more daunting task in achieving this as I was planning on making it less "local" in that it was going to be an option for surrounding states (and not just local Zip Codes). We sell items that aren't found in any store, so we've had customers drive from as far as a few hundred miles (even across state lines) to pick up from us. We had one customer recently that drove a little over 400 miles to pick-up (they were too afraid of possible, though unlikely, shipping delays)!

        Unfortunately, the Zip Code method probably won't work well for us, as I was going to offer it to what would end up being hundreds (if not thousands) of Zip Codes, which is why I was considering making a custom method "By Value" ($0.01 - whatever) and simply exclude all states that are outside of the southeastern US region.

        And I still don't like how the multi-step checkout works with me doing it via a Custom Shipping By Value because it reads "Shipping: Your order will be delivered to..." (the address that they enter in Step 1). So if they're in Charlotte, NC, for example, it would read on Checkout Step 3:

        Your order will be delivered to:
        123 Main Street
        Charlotte, NC 12345

        When in fact, if they choose the pick-up option, it will NOT be shipping there (or anywhere for that matter). I can already "hear" the phone calls coming in that the customer is selecting Pick-Up, but on the next step of checkout it's stating that their order will be shipped & delivered to the address that they entered in Checkout Step 1 (Shipping)...

        I'm stumped. I'll look for a 3D Cart module/app for in-store pick-ups that may have a different functionality than what I'm capable of doing by using a Custom Shipping by Value, though I'm not sure if such a thing exists.

        Thanks again, your replies are very much appreciated!


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          I still think the key is to do it by zipcode and do my trick of adding the star to the end of your zipcode.

          How are you with JavaScript? It would be easy to make a button on checkout page one that says "pickup in person". When someone clicks that it automatically fills in your special address and goes to the next step.

          On the final page of checkout have javascypt look for your special address, if it sees it then have it change the text from " your items will ship to:" to "your items are available to pick up at:"


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            Thanks NMTEACO ! I know nothing about JavaScript, but that's why I so heavily rely on Shaun thecartdesigner . I'll get in touch with him in a little bit to see what options we can implement.

            Thanks again!