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How to show we accept credit cards!

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  • How to show we accept credit cards!

    There is no way to show that we accept credit cards and it is hurting our sales!
    The only options that appear in the cart are check/money order and payment by Amazon!
    We have been accepting credit cards for ten years!
    3dcart is the most backwards cart on the Internet!

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    Go to settings>payments>credit card types


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      The credit card payment method will not display in the cart until the user has entered their address. So, they think we don't accept credit cards! This is the ONLY cart on the net that I am aware of that wont display payment methods in your cart by default.


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        Hi Mark. You have to keep in mind that this is not 2003; you don't have to have a flashing GIF of credit card images in your footer to attract business and hip your visitors to the fact that you take the most common payment method. This is ecommerce in 2016.5 - of course you accept credit cards. Who doesn't? The possibility that you are losing any business at all over this is dubious.

        Also consider the fact that payment methods are tied to address. Someone may want to offer PayPal only to foreign customers, or someone may want to restrict COD and Credit Card to domestic customers to avoid problems. This arrangement is only possible by first considering the customer's billing and / or shipping address. So it only makes sense that the customer not see payment methods until it is time to pay.

        Now, I've misunderstood the issue and what you mean to say is that your credit cards aren't showing up as available options on your checkout page at all, then that's a problem. In that case, you probably want to go back and review some of the rules for those payment methods (order amount, location, etc.) to make sure they aren't being restricted. Good luck!
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting