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New 3dCart Setup - First time user - is there a step by step?

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  • New 3dCart Setup - First time user - is there a step by step?

    I am a fairly experienced web developer (100 professional small/medium business websites). I have used designcart, magento, and cartmanager for ecommerce before.

    I have a client who needs 3dcart because of some outside programs that integrate well with it.

    Is there a step by step for someone who is not too clueless to follow, to go from nothing to having a working store and shopping cart?

    I'd appreciate a link or two to some resources like this.


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    Welcome to 3dcart. You will find that this platform is better than most. Even though you cannot control the main functionalities, there are lots of workarounds to accomplish what you need.

    Here is a helpful blog post that has some links:

    Also the 3dcart support portal has lots of Articles and how to's

    For a barebone basic store:
    Start with setting up the store info in Settings>General
    Then set up shipping and payment methods
    Choose a template
    Edit the Policies page
    Add products
    Add tracking codes to Checkout_4 for conversions (content > Titles & Content) and to the Global Footer for site wide (content > Header&Footer)
    And you are set to go.