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Setting up a Complex Promotion

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  • Setting up a Complex Promotion

    I am try to set up a promotion where if a customer spends $150 or more they can get a fringe bag for $25 + $5 shipping and if they spend over $250 they can receive a fringe bag free +$5 shipping. I tried to have live chat assist me but they took hours to answer and gave very brief instructions. As far as I understand I can not choose a product with options to have a promotion code - I am wondering if I remove all options from each bag can I apply the promotion to all of them individually (There are several colors of this bag)? Any help would be appreciated...

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    you have to test for that - when talking about promotions support is useless & the promotion engine is seriously flawed - we eliminated attributes which solved problems at multiple levels and may solve yours - and why does it have to be a single promotion - maker it 2 for now deploy and then go back to the drawing board


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      You can't do it in one promotion. Sorry.

      You have to do two promotions and use graphics to make it clear to customers. The problem is when they apply one promotion, and then add something to their cart to kick them above the threshold, they just get an error message that the code they used is not valid. Some will not figure out that now they need to get the other code for the higher bracket.

      It would be nice to have the ability to combine multiple promotions in one code or in a link, we used to have that in an old cart years ago. I have a suggestion for that in UserVoice, but not many takers.
      Then we can send a link in a mailer, have the customer click on it, and start shopping. Promotions (from the link) would get applied as the customer qualified for them.


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        why not pay for custom coding?


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          HI elightbox,

          Can you send me the link to this UserVoice suggestion so I can vote for it. Its definitely something we need too.


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              Thanks elightbox, you now have 1 extra vote - great idea. Will definitely help close the sale or increase the sale.

              It would also be great when forum members make a new UserVoice request, that they make a post about it.

              I am sure more votes will be added this way.

              Now the wait for it to be done, along with many other great ideas/improvements!