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  • Search Indexing Broke Search

    Hi friends. I had an experience with a new feature which didn't turn out so well, and I want to share it with you - mostly as a warning.

    In Admin > Settings > General > Store Settings > General Tab, there is a Search Indexing section:


    Having a large store, I know that search indexing is important, so I was surprised to see the box unchecked. After checking the box and clicking to rebuild the index, my all-in-one admin search in the upper right completely broke. Searching for anything returns no results. :( Be careful with this function. Ticket: #ZIL-510-14017

    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting

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    We noticed this "new feature" a few days ago, and tried it out, and received your same result. So, we unchecked it.

    I just now noticed that our search is not working, and lo and behold, this box has magically re-checked itself.


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      Agreed. It does not work.


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        Thanks Dean, I saw that and was going to try it, but won't do that now. My question is how do things automatically get checked and unchecked and it always seems to coincide with an updated version of the admin? Happens alot, at least on my end I know it has, but you can't get support to believe that it happened with another update...


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          DO NOT TURN THIS ON - our entire system was disrupted when we did so - fortunately unchecked it immediately and search worked great again. It has not turned back on by itself yet - but it seems with some updates things mysteriously happen. So it would not surprise me if TooBusy is experiencing these issues. Our updates were being caused by new admin and old admin. For some crazy unknown reason old admin would update, not new admin? Then modules would randomly tun on and off and our website would be in chaos showing search, not showing search, showing top sellers, not showing top sellers, etc. Hasn't happened in about 2 months now so we are on a roll!!!


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            Dean, uncheck the search box that you clicked!!!!


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              lots of services get unchecked and checked by gnomes on 3dcart - it is always your fault according to support - I would advocate a 3rd party search provider - we use searchspring