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Tracking Add to Cart button use on Category page

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  • Tracking Add to Cart button use on Category page

    We're in the midst of re-designing our store and curious about how many of our visitors use the Add to Cart and quantity input box on the category listing page.

    Is there any way in Google Analytics to track how many people Add to Cart from a category page, rather than click into the product page and add to cart from there? Or perhaps some way to add a value or class to the Add to Cart button only on the category page, that can be tracked in Analytics?

    I'm not terribly familiar with how this would work in Analytics, but curious if anyone has done any testing on something like this.

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    I think it's a good idea. I'm having 3dcart bid a customization. The bid seems a little high to me. Have you accomplished this?


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      Yes we did.

      It's called Event Tracking. Google has info on it here. Which code you use, depends on which analytics library you're using.

      Our code ended up looking like this

      <a href="your_link_here" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'NameOfEvent, 'clicked']);">
      The clicks will show up in in your Analytics Dashboard under Behavior >> Events.

      And yes, 3dcart is terribly expensive. We've had them work on our store twice. Once many years ago, and again just last year, both terrible experiences.