Hello, I am very new to 3DCart. In fact we are still evaluating to see if it will serve our purpose. So far everything we saw looks good until we came up with a major obstacle.

We need to use a product configurator from a third party site. The user will select category and products from 3D Cart page and then will have to select configuration of the product using another site. We can either open the third party configurator in an iFrame (and posting back to a 3D Cart page), or write a new 3D Cart page using Webservice APIs provided by the third party.

I see 3D Cart has extensive API set. What I did not understand is how one goes about writing a plugin to integrating the same with a specific web site.

In my case, I need a button called "Select Configuration Option" in the product selection page. This will take the user to a new custom page where the configuration options will be selected. Once the options are selected, this page will use the 3DCart POST APIs to add items to the cart. I am planning to use ItemAdditionalField1 to store the configuration selected from the 3rd party site.

How do I go about that ?

I am not sure if there is a basic documentation on how to write and integrate one's plug-in (i.e. language, other handshaking protocol, do's and don'ts, etc,). Any help will be much appreciated.

Also, we are willing to get this developed if the turnaround is reasonably fast. 3DCart development team will take more than 10 weeks just to get to this request and that's a non-starter.