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  • Category and Manufacturer product sorting

    How can I sort the order products show up in categories and browse by manufacturer results? I know I can set it to default to either the price (low or high), or order the products were entered, but how can I determine which products show up in the first couple pages (for example) of results?
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    You need to set your category default - go to Products/Categories/Options and scroll down to Category Settings - you then enter your default sorting for each category. When the customer clicks on a Product Category or browses by manufacturer - they will view in your default sort order. I've sorted all my categories by price (low to high).


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      I'm looking for a more manual way to set specific products though. I don't really want it sorted by price (as I don't really want to encourage customers to buy the cheapest products). It's mostly the 'browse by manufacturer' results that I'm concerned with. For a lot of the manufacturers I carry, in addition to their 'main' products, I sell products that are basically small accessories to their main products. It's currently showing a lot of their accessories on the first few pages. I guess sorting by the highest price might partially solve that, but I don't really want customers to get scared away by seeing the most expensive products first either.


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        I just realized that you can sort the products within specific catgories under Products>Sorting.

        Is there a way to do the same thing by Manufacturer?


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          If you have a lot of products within one category like I do, that's a lot of work - but it's definitely do-able to get the sort the way you would like. Too many for me though :)

          You may also want to check with support to make sure that if you manually set your product sort from the Product/sort section, that it overrides any settings/defaults you named in the individual category settings (or get confirmation that you need to leave it blank, etc.)

          There doesn't seem to be too many options available for the Manufacturer option right now. I've been working with support on trying to get my manufacturer browse to change to a list style (as well as utilizing this to browse by a specific jewelry collection versus manufacturer). I also moved the manufacturer browse box to view below the product browse in my template (and in the process my indents on the left menu category/sub-category disappeared). Have a ticket in on that one :o