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  • CRM "Save" Button

    Is it only me or does anyone else have issues with clicking the WRONG save button and have to answer a CRM over again. What a waste of time. Why is there a save button at the top right if it doesn't save your response? It's maddening and it's a time waster.

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    I see what you mean. I have no idea why it's there other than it is a default location. I've only had two CRM's in the week I've been live and without even thinking about it I just clicked the bottom save button. So what I wrote was saved.. so I hope that means the message was sent to the customer.


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      We have had the same problem early on. We have gotten used to it now with many CRM's under our belt.

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        I have several daily and for whatever reason, probably because you see it upper right most prominently I click save and have to answer the CRM again. Also, maybe this has been asked and answered, I'm not sure, is there a way to set up a CRM so that you can answer it through an email and not have to leave a shop and come to the office and log in and answer, to click the wrong button, have to answer again, leave and go back to work Heat is getting to me here lately and I'm crabby LOL


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          Try having to explain it to a not-too-website-savy boss. We've finally (i think) gotten him to slow down enough to watch what one he's clicking.


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            It's a bad design. Period. Lets put a button that has no function on the same page as a button that does have a function. Regardless, the 3d CRM is a waste of time if you are trying to handle any type of volume of tickets. For the shop getting a couple a day, it may be adequate. Any company actually using it regularly will want to either pay 3d to "custom code" a better solution or go with some of the off the shelf dedicated options.