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Variations on free shipping

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  • Variations on free shipping

    I had a bit of a surprise today when an order came in with no shipping charges collected and it was going to the E.U.. Being very new to 3dcart the only thing that I had set up prior to the weekend was the free domestic shipping from the shipping section in the store records. It was working fine as I've had both overseas and domestic orders above and below the free shipping threshold. Only the domestic orders that qualified got the free shipping. last night free shipping was selected on two products in there product record. That way the cool free shipping banner was on the product image. This morning I find the international order for one of the two selected free shipping items.

    So my question is this, when free shipping is selected in the product record does this mean free globally ? Also what happens if you select an item set for free shipping with an item that does not? Will the cart charge only for the item that is not allowed free shipping? or will the entire order get free shipping.

    I've found plenty of how to info on setting up free shipping, but some times they are not as clear on the effect it has on the order.

    Anyone have some insight?

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    Free shipping (Or not free shipping) applies to the whole order. If you offer some items free shipping, and some items not, the shipping charge will take into account the whole order for shipping calculation.

    As for your international order, did it come through with "Free Shipping", or no shipping. You might have "Shipping will be calculated later" option selected in the shipping settings. This allows a user to check out (without a charge) when no shipping methods are available.


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      Make sure you have "Exclude free shipping items from shipping calculation " checked off on shipping settings.

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        Thanks for all the feedback! What escaped me and was the main cause of my troubles was the need to create a custom shipping option.