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  • Images?

    Does anyone know if there's an easy way to manage the large images? I have a lot of images and after some help from support and a few re-do's...I successfully did the thumbnails w/CSV file import. I changed the size of my default pixel for the thumbnail (wanted it a little bigger), then did batch resizing for the thumbnail images from the file manager - they are all working fine (except my dynamic link on the product detail page).

    My biggest challenge is in managing the larger images. In my old shopping cart program I was with, the images were very easy to manage (you uploaded only the jpg image and all resizing was done for you - thumbnails, regular, zoom) - of course this was probably the only good thing about their program :rolleyes: . But with 3DCart I am really struggling with getting everything at the proper size and alignment. I would love to utilize Zoomify, but since my images were all taken at a lower resolution, they won't work, plus I'm not entirely comfortable working within the FTP files.

    So as a compromise, I thought that I would make my large image display at a slightly bigger pixel size which I changed in the default settings, then re-did a CSV import (deleted all my old images and re-imported - which placed all the images in the product detail but not at the pixel default I set - they are much larger). I then tried going back to the file manager and doing a batch resize for large images - but unfortunately, nothing changed size wise within the detail pages of the product. Now I can manually go in and resize by simply reloading the image into the individual product and the correct pixel will show...but right now with 500+ products...that is an overwhelming thought. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong, share an easy fix - or any thoughts as to what I can try? :confused:
    Hopefully I'm missing something simple...
    Many thanks,

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    do you meen the images in product listing page?
    in template editor edit listing_0.html

    Copy and paste all that in a .txt file to back up

    <!--START: image1-->

    you should have a code similar to this. put 500,500 where i put mine and it should work

    <a href="#" onClick="popupsimple('zoomify.asp?catalogid=[catalogid]ℑ=' + document.large.src,500,500);"><img src="[image1]" align="middle" border="0" id="large" name="large" alt="[name]></a><br><span name="imagecaptiont" id="imagecaptiont">[imagecaption1]</span>


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      Hi Eric,
      Thanks! I manually put in a height for the thumbnails in the frame template - but figured there had to be something else for the larger images that show on the product detail page. I'll try that out tomorrow.


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        I deleted and re-imported the images last night, then did batch resizes on both the large and thumbnails - that seems to be working this time around. The listing _0.html template already had the 500,500 in it, so it wasn't necessary for me to add.

        I'm curious as to who is using the zoomify (wish I could...) - right now, I'm at 350x350 for the large image (mainly because I'm trying to re-work the product detail page to view with no scroll downs/making it one glance for customer) - so what size pixels are some of you using (if you're not utilizing zoomify) for your large images?


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          I use 450 x 450 for one site and will be using 500 x 500 for our upcoming site. As far as resizing images, I use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to batch resize them by the folder. That has been a huge timesaver.


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            I have been trying to find a way to enlarge images and from the tutorial information it didn't appear it was possible as it states the following:

            Images must be in JPG format.
            High resolution images must be of at least 800x600 resolutions.

            I contacted support to find out if there was another way to enlarge images as my larger image did not meet the 800 x 600 resolution requirements.

            Support Answer - For zoomify you can have any size image you like. That was just a user comment, but it's not a requirement.

            Just thought I would post this information in case someone else was under the same misconception.