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Customer purchased gift cert vs a no revenue gift cert.

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  • Customer purchased gift cert vs a no revenue gift cert.

    OK so I set up a gift cert ( gift, as in no money collected for the value of the certificate. ) for a customer yesterday and it was used on an order today. So of course I'm used to how things are done on my old cart. A coupon coded gift cert would show up as a discount to the total order before shipping. So a 200.00 order - 25.00 cert = 175.00 order + shipping = grand total. When I first got the order and looked at the totals I thought the customer did not even use the cert. It was not until I see the payment notice and then at the lower left corner of the invoice the details on the cert used.

    So this just throws up some accounting questions more than anything. So I would now manually adjust the invoice with ( 25.00 ) to reflect the actual amount collected.
    Is this what everyone does? or is there some nifty accounting features I'm not aware of?

    Next thought / question, When a customer buys a gift card set up as a product, that invoice is income. When the customer uses the gift card does 3dcart treat it the same way as the no revenue cert that I can create? Or will it chow up in the product totals as a credit?

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    If you issue a Gift Card on the back end, it will have 0 cost, and you have to account for it manually in your accounting. We don't do much of that so it has not been a problem.
    For rewards Gift Cards, you should enter a value in the cost field.

    The cost of the Gift Card should be your cost of the items that are purchased with it, not the full face value.