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IMPORTANT: Paypal Payments Being Sent to Unpaid Status

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  • IMPORTANT: Paypal Payments Being Sent to Unpaid Status

    Starting yesterday all of my PayPal payments are receiving an error code and being sent to unpaid status.

    PayPal transaction: INVALID
    The system failed to verify this transaction on PayPal, therefore the order is being moved to the UNPAID status and the transaction needs to be manually verified on PayPal (101).

    This has happened with every paypal transaction, so I called paypal to have them investigate the error. All the money is in the account, and they show no problems with any of the orders. From there I called 3dcart tech support... I was told my customers we not completing their transactions (Repeat customers who have shopped with us using paypal for years). I was told its PayPals fault and I can google the error code. I asked if they could escalate it and see if there MIGHT be a problem on 3dcart causing the error (That never happens, right). I was told I have to call PayPal and they will open a ticket.

    10 minutes after the phone call I receive a brand new PayPal order, and it has an order comment Ive never seen before.

    PayPal transaction: VERIFIED
    It seems obvious now that something was changed with Paypal on 3dcarts end yesterday. Rather than have tech support tell me there was an update, and this may be an issue with that, they blame PayPal, they blame my customers, get an attitude with me, and do absolutely nothing to help ease my mind with the situation.

    Please, check your unpaid status... if you're like me, you could be sitting on a lot of money in "Unpaid" orders that customers are expecting to be shipped.

    Disappointed again
    John Woodson

    PS: Fix the POS already.

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    No issues here - PayPal orders coming through as usual - mine are all marked as "Sale"
    Joe Arbogast


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      I am on 7.2.4 and just had two paypal payments (paypal payments standard) go to unpaid status last night and again today with that same error. Any idea why this is happening? I think I was just swapped to this new version yesterday so I think it is related.


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        This has been going on for several weeks, with me anyway. This is the message I receive on the PP Checkout transactions moved to Unpaid Status:

        'This order was moved to the UNPAID status because PayPal marked it as "Pending". Payment needs to be verified directly on PayPal.'

        When I called 3Dcart I was told that happened because the payment was pending. Well, it wasn't always that way. All pending payments PayPal or credit card (PP Payments Pro) were added to the New status. I would have to capture them myself. Now, for some reason, the PP Checkout payments are entered into Unpaid Status. I called 3Dcart several days ago for an unrelated issue (couldn't receive credit card payments for 6 days) and I mentioned the Unpaid status issue again. The 3Dcart rep said that there have been other 3Dcart merchants complaining about the same issue and that I would be placed on a list to have someone look into it.

        As of this morning my PP Checkout orders are still going into Unpaid status. My 3Dcart settings in Payment Methods is to place those payments in the NEW status. The only one's that should go into Unpaid are the Checks, money orders and PayPal invoice requests.

        If anyone has the answer please type away.


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          I use authorize only on PP express checkout. I noticed that on 7/15 the orders started going to unpaid status. I asked 3dcart and several people told me that "paypal changed something." On my ticket, one of the techs told me that she asked a developer and they confirmed this. I'm a little skeptical of the idea that Paypal has any control over or interest in which 3dcart order status an order goes into. I've had a nice long conversation with paypal tech support and here's what they said. This is outside of my expertise but it appears that 3dcart would have to take action. I have no idea how to get through to them on this.

          If an authorization comes into your account, it will be marked as "Pending" because the payment hasn't been captured yet, and we'll send an IPN with the status showing as pending. Once the funds have been captured, we will send another IPN with the status marked as "Completed" to let the cart know funds have settled. This is the way our IPNs have always functioned when using Authorization/Capture, and there haven't been any recent changes to this. If you were to set the transaction type to Sale, the IPNs would be sent over as "Completed" the first time. If you want to set the transaction type to Sale, it has to be set in the API call 3dCart makes to PayPal.


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            I shared this information on a support ticket and it appears they fixed my issue. The information from Paypal tech support was very helpful. I'd suggest following up with them and providing the information on a 3dcart support ticket if you're still experiencing other issues.