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  • Required checkout questions

    I have several checkout questions on my site, all are designated as "required". Unfortunately, my customers are able to proceed without having checked the boxes. I'm using the checkbox to assure that they have read certain pieces of information. Anyone know what I'm not doing correctly?

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    They should get a message saying they can't go on without answering one of the required questions. I'm still learning myself and haven't gone live yet - but have you set up your options in the Global Option area of Products/Option Template section (the one you scroll down for - not going into the individual products add/view section)?

    For me, I was thinking you could use global options and then add another option from the individual product add/view Option tab - but this doesn't seem to work - as in if you are using global options and want to add a new option specific to your product, that one made under the Product/Add-View section doesn't show up.

    To get around this, I wound up going into the individual product listing through Product/Add-View, unchecking the global product option box in the Advanced Tab section - then going back in under the Option Tab (still in the individual product) and insert what I wanted from the "Insert from Template" from my global options and then designate the templates I wanted... everything seems to work fine in testing including receiving the error message for customers (well - almost everything...still haven't gotten a text option to work yet).

    So although I plan to utilize the global options for the majority of my products...the special cases I'll do the above way. I'm not sure if it's the best way - but it seems to be working and I'm less confused between toggling between three different areas (Products/Add-View Options & Advanced Tabs, and the Products/Options Templates).

    Another may also want to check to see if you set a default option in the global option area (under the Option Template of Products - not the individual view - but the one you scroll down for). If you've selected a default - it will allow the customer to go on through without designating anything, as the system is filling it in for them. In my case...I set up a default bracelet closure for Clasp, but the customer can choose other styles as well.

    And...if you're doing a yes/no question, I entered the Option name at the top in the global option, then added another option for the text (if you forget like I did to add the detail below your product insert, the option won't show up). E.g. I did a question Gift Message? (details w/check box YES NO), then did another option for "Enter your Message" with a text box option...the first time through I didn't scroll down to the detail to insert the actual "Enter your Message" in the detail section below that was an easy fix.

    Not sure if that helps - but it's what I've run into...trial and error ;) makes us wiser and more knowledgeable (I hope...):D
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      Actually, I'm taking the easier route :) and just using the checkout question section, so it should apply to every single order placed.

      If marked "required", it should make the customer check the box before proceeding. It used to work, but it isn't working now, so I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem.


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        Mine is still working. Have you changed anything on your checkout-step1.html template?

        Also, do you have the proper START and END tags around the checkout questions code as shown below in that template?

        <td align="right" class="item">
        <!--START: req[id]--><img src="assets/templates/common/images/error2.gif" width="12" height="12">
        <!--END: req[id]--><b>[question]</b></td>
        <input type="text" size="30" name="cq[id]" value="[answer]" class="txtBoxStyle"></td>


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          Dratz - wish I could - but all my questions are geared to the individual products (gift wrapping item, messages, or groups of items gift wrapped together), so the checkout question area wouldn't be detailed oriented enough for me (plus I'm utilizing various price levels associated with customer groups in the advanced tab section).

          My text questions were not working but that was due to two of them having the same sort number - I'm not sure if the check-out questions have a sort number...but it might be worth checking to see if that has any effect as well??