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Thumbnail uploads broken for anyone else?

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  • Thumbnail uploads broken for anyone else?

    Uploading a thumbnail via the admin panel results in a "../" being added to the beginning of the path, resulting in a broken image link. We've tested this in four stores, and it's happening to all of them. Seems likely to be a side effect of the rollout of 7.3.0.

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    I came here to see if anyone else was having this problem. I am experiencing the same issue. It started this morning for me. Suddenly any photos you upload are having the extra "/" added to the file path in admin. This is for both the main image and the thumbnails. I have been working around it by deleting the extra "/" in admin but it takes more time to do product entry now.


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      I did send a chat message to them about this. Waiting to see if they respond before I submit a ticket.


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        For anyone who has this issue, it looks like it will be fixed in the next update. Until then, you can manually delete the extra /character. "this is a known issue that our developers are actively to correct . I have been informed that this will be corrected in the next update that should be released within 2weeks."


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          Hey everyone, I wanted to give you an update that this issue should be resolved as our developers released a patch to all of our stores. If you're still experiencing the issue on your store, please send me a PM so that I can check into it for you.



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            3dcart-Victor, my store is still showing broken thumbnails. Sent you a PM.


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              Mine not working either. This time the older uploaded images are not working also.


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                Not working here either..................


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                  From Support:

                  "Thank you for reaching out to our support team. I am sorry about the trouble you are having with the Legacy admin. Unfortunately, you will have to log into the New Admin to view the images and make the necessary changes.

                  We have updated our software to the new version admin panel. The Legacy admin is no longer receiving the necessary updates being that it has been phased out. I do apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused.

                  Please let us know if you have any further questions