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Frequent outages and downtime

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  • Frequent outages and downtime

    Lately our site has been going down frequently and we've experienced numerous outages and far more downtime than ever before. Is anyone else having these problems or is it just us?

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    Our site is up but our FTP connection is down today 11/15/2016. Is FTP out for anyone else?


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      Yes, our FTP has been down since we got into the office yesterday morning.


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        I don't know why I'm so relieved when somebody else is having the same problems. But I am. LOL! Okay, thanks for letting the forum know. It was working fine yesterday. I submitted a ticket this morning, if they get back to me with a fix I'll jump back on here to let you know.


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          Hey everyone!

          Sorry to anyone who has been experiencing downtime. lukiegames I looked at your ticket history and spoke with our Admins and the issue seems resolved and we don't expect any further issues. However, please still PM me so that I can get some extra information so I can follow this and help ensure no further issues.

          dpdesigned JSCWebK The FTP issue is currently being worked on by our administrators. As soon as I have a solid ETA I'll make sure to give you guys an update along with any other information that I receive.


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            Thanks for the update Victor. Personally, I really appreciate 3DC acknowledging that it's an issue being worked on. It frees me up from troubleshooting my side, which could lead to unintended disconnects. Hopefully it will be back online soon.


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              Hey guys,

              FTP should be back up and running at this time. If it isn't please PM me so that I can get it checked out, but so far our tests show that FTP is up and running.


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                Just checked it out and we're back in! Many thanks!!!