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  • Looking for a Simple Contact Form

    Hi All,

    We've been using the CRM as our contact form and it's just not working out. If a customer contacts us and doesn't have an account, then they don't seem to get our response. In order to respond to them, we've been having to reply via the CRM and THEN copy and paste the response and email it to the customer. And email copies of the CRM messages that come in do not contain the customer email address so you cannot reply directly to them; you have to go into the CRM and respond. It just seems to be creating a lot more work. I would prefer to have a simple contact form with captcha that sends the message via email and contains the sender's email address so we can just respond via email, which is what I used to have before, but the php form I was using no longer works with the new HTML5 format. I'm not a programmer; I have a very basic understanding of code. Is this possible to create?

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    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting