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  • BOGO 80% Off Promotion

    Is it possible to set up a promotion where a customer buys a product from a certain category they can get a second product at 80% off?

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    Promotions are probably the weakest aspect of 3dCart. I'm not sure there is an easy way to do this. I'd be interested in their feedback. My promotions have to be very basic to work within the confines of the 3dCart Marketing module.


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      You can do the same item with quantity discount tiers, however like robschlein said, the promotions available are very limiting.


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        3dcart's feedback was to do 40% off when you buy two items instead - so minimum quantity of 2. Wish they would expand more on their options for promotions!


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          steffieprice I often set up promos (when a customer orders $XXX in a particular category, they get a FREE something). I always make them an automatic promo, no coupon and they work just fine. In promo offers: I select the discount amount either $$$ or %; and specifically to what product the discount applies. Then in promo rules: I check no coupon required; I indicate what the $$$ amount is the customer needs to spend; I choose which categories need to be in the cart. I have set up promos for BOGO's using the same perimeters and have never had a problem. I hope I have understood what your question is and that this information is helpful to you. The only difference I can see is that my promos include a FREE product not one at a % off.