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Here's a question about CRM and email issue in form

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  • Here's a question about CRM and email issue in form

    I just noticed this and have no idea how long it has been going on since it's been some time since we've tweaked any email coding on the CRM area. We just noticed that when someone sends us a CRM - all of our info is correct.

    We have our business name, address, phone, etc. at the bottom of this form that we receive as a CRM is sent to us. However, our info now shows our business name, address, phone etc and THE CUSTOMERS EMAIL address? It should be our email address. I just checked the coding and everything appears correct. Since the [email] should show ours not theirs? Any help would be appreciated. I'll attach the coding we have and then what it looks like displayed. thanks!

    Here's the coding - the mail to: last line should show our email but it shows customers email?

    <center style="width: 100%; min-width: 560px;">
    <small style="font-size: 16px;">
    [store_name]<br />
    [address1] [address2]<br />
    [city], [state] [zip] <br />
    Phone: [phone1]<br /><a href="mailto:[email]" style="color: #50b848; text-decoration: none;">[email]</a>

    On the attachment I've blurred out their email but the email should be [email protected] Did 3dcart tweak something as this makes no sense? I just checked back on 10 past CRM and they all reflect the persons email who CRM us when this should show ours??

    Now I'm going to check a variety of other emails set up that have the [email] in the coding which should be bringing our email in to any emails that have this coding.
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