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How to Use Daily Deals with Free Shipping?

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  • How to Use Daily Deals with Free Shipping?

    Our store sells coffee and other items. We offer free shipping for coffee products only. In order to accomplish this we had to check "free shipping" on all the coffee products. We also utilize the Daily Deals module to run specials on coffees and other items.

    During the holidays we received complaints from customers stating that Free Shipping wasn't offered on certain coffees. We thought it was just a store update that reset some of our options. The problem persisted so we investigated further. It turns out that when a product goes OFF a Daily Deal Free Shipping is UNCHECKED. This happens regardless of checking free shipping on the Daily Deal itself. I went back and forth with support. They found a KB article that states this is DEFAULT behavior so they won't be fixing it.

    I would have to PAY THEM to have Daily Deals not turn off my default of Free Shipping.

    I would really like to continue using Daily Deals. Does anyone know a good work around so we can continue to offer Free Shipping on coffee products, and NOT have Free Shipping turned off by the Daily Deals module?


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    Hello Marty

    Thanks for your post regarding the daily deals working with free shipping on the product level. Currently you will need to mark the daily deal as free shipping also. When creating a daily deal the system does apply those updates to the product unless you also check free shipping when creating the deal for that same product. This is to prevent other deals stacking automatically without the merchant knowing. In another scenario a merchant may want to still charge shipping due to the deal lowering the price of the item. To make it fair we made it an option on the daily deal level. Maybe there is another way to get the results you are looking for. May I ask what issue will come about if you have free shipping checked on the item and daily deal?


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      3dcart-William I think you misread the question. Marty is asking why when a product goes OFF a Daily Deal Free Shipping is UNCHECKED on the product.


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        Thanks elightbox I see what Marty was explaining. I had to run a couple of test to replicate and confirm this also. So in this scenario free shipping is checked on the product, but when the daily deal is created and free shipping isn't checked it deselects the free shipping on the product as well. I checked with the developers and confirmed this is working as design unfortunately. Currently there isn't a setting to have the daily deal not update the product its specified to. This will be a feature request to change the way the system works. Sorry for any inconvenience this functionality cause.


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          elightbox Thank you for explaining this correctly!

          3dcart-William No - I have Free Shipping checked on the product. I check Free Shipping on the Daily Deal too, BUT when the Daily Deal is finished it unchecks Free Shipping on my product. I want to keep Free Shipping on my product at all times.

          Is there a way to have my coffees have Free Shipping without checking the "Free Shipping" box on the product? I know I can make an automatic coupon item for free shipping that applies to items from a category, but the problem is it gives free shipping for the whole cart if there is one item from that category. We offer free shipping only on coffees, but we also sell equipment like espresso machines. We need to charge shipping on everything except coffee.



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            I see now, thanks for the reply explaining the scenario again. I see how that can be an issue if the product is set to have free shipping prior to the daily deal being created. This was brought up before in the past but they stated that how the system works. I will check to see if there are any feature request for this to change. If not I will speak with the developers and get their opinion on this situation and see what we can do. I will reply once I have more information. Thanks again!


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              3dcart-William Thank you!

              Can you think of a workaround to offer free shipping on the coffees without checking the "free shipping" on the product page?