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  • Estimated delivery time

    Anyone know how to display estimated delivery time at the checkout or item page ?.... some type of java script ... written description next to service offered is just not enough for our customers

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    I would love to see something like that as well. What is even sadder is that I believe UPS provides that information back to the cart when they send the r/t rate request - it just is not used.


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      This can be done through Advanced Shipping Manager, but it sucks having to deal with another system to setup shipping. You can vote for this feature on the 3dCart Uservoice. However, I think the Uservoice site is pretty much dead considering there has been things planned for almost 2 years.

      Its sad cause we had this added to our internal business software for only $375.00. This was a simple add-on for them and got it within a month. So I know 3dCart can add this just as easy as the developers of our business system.

      Like Amazon, I would like to show the customer the expected delivery date, or range of dates (Deliver by August 10 to August 15, 2015), per each shipping method, so the customer can choose the best shipping method, based on when he need it to be delivered. Also display this on the order confirmation page, and email. This should be manged on the admin under each shipping method, give the ability to enter the number or rage of days that the order expected to be delivered from the order date.