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    on my checkout page i have a custom shipping method which displays automatically however my default shipping through Canada Post does not. There is an option on the right that say "display rates" If you click on this , the canada post rates will be displayed. Is there anyway to make these rates display automatically? my customers are not noticing the "display rates" and are assuming my custom shipping method is the only one available....thanks!

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    The only thing you can do is change the display order - if you make the Canada Post first, that will show by default. I believe this is done because certain companies (like UPS) will not allow their rates to be displayed next to another carrier's rates.

    I ran into the same issue with UPS and the postal service where I had the postal service first. 90% of the orders were coming in through that which meant extra work on our side. I switched the order to UPS first and now people use that most of the time. Sucks that both cannot be displayed, but you just need to force the hands of your customers by making whichever method YOU prefer to be the first shown.


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      The PlantGuy jnnjr You can make all of your rates display without issue. Just takes some html/css changes. No carriers have restrictions in regards to being shown with others.
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        Thanks, so how would i change the order? or what changes would i have to make to do this?


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          search the forum, this exact question has been asked and answered in detail at least twice that I can think of. It would just takes you a few minutes of search. Sometimes it is easier to search the forum through Google.


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            The PlantGuy I just found this (I think it is from a post in October 2016) I do not know if it will help you:

            Need to change <div name="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" id="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" class="ship" style="display:none;"> to <div name="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" id="divShipping[OPTION-SHIPPER]" class="ship" style="display:block;"> on whatever page shows shipping during your checkout process (checkout-singlepage or step2)