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    Does anyone have a solution or alternative way to calculate the correct UPS Rates?

    The method that 3dCart uses for the UPS rates, does not factor in if the "Delivery Area Surcharge" or the "Delivery Area Surcharge - Extended". These rates are add based of the zip code. Most zip codes in rural or very distant rural areas have the below rates applied. For the longest time 3dCart stated that the "Delivery Area Surcharge is already in the Transportation Charges". Well I got the XML request and rate response from 3dCart and sent it off to the UPS Developer department. They confirmed that the Delivery Area Surcharges is NOT in the transportation charges due to a missing element.

    Response from UPS
    I did find that he would need to add the following element to the request file and the Delivery Area Surcharge will be broken down.


    He can see what the Accessorial/ Surcharge codes are on page 92 of the Rating Package XML Developer Guide dated July 11, 2016.

    Delivery Area Surcharge (Commercial) - $2.30

    Delivery Area Surcharge (Residential) - $3.25

    Delivery Area Surcharge - Extended (Commercial) - $2.40

    Delivery Area Surcharge - Extended (Residential) - $4.20

    This is costing use a lot of money! 3dCart doesn't want to fix this when they should considering they thought this was being calculated in the transportation charge. This needs to be in the calculator since its a standard charge for every UPS customer if the shipto zip code qualifies for this Delivery Area Surcharge.

    Zip code that qualify -
    UPS Daily Rate (Page 117 shows these surcharges) -

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      Had went back and forth with this on UPS and using our API plugged in. I even had our local UPS rep put us in touch with UPS tech and gave the info that should be on our back end and gave to 3D Cart. Rates are still not reflective of the correct info. Eventually just marking up the shipping cost on back end to offset this. But yes it is an issue.


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        Our stores have been upgraded from Version 7.2.4 to Version 7.4.2 on 02-01-2017. Now the rates coming back are extremely high and I had to remove our markup from an arise of customer complaints. (No settings were changed in the admin) Something has changed with the new version and I'm not exactly sure what it is. It appears to be adding the UPS residential fee to every rate even though we do NOT have "Use Residential Rates (UPS / FEDEX)" checked under the shipping settings. I enabled the "Allow Address Type Selection" and the rate stays the same regardless if I pick residential or commercial.

        We spent a ton our internal business system to get the rates to match 3dCart. Now that's all screwed up again...

        What has changed?????????

        3dCart needs to revisit the API method they use and add any elements that have an affect on the rates. I'll be more than happy to provide UPS invoices to show 3dCart the common charges that's NOT being calculated in the rates.

        I'd even be happy to help fund a portion if 3dCart can get this calculating correctly.

        Also, 3dCart needs to add the Residential / Commercial Address Classification element to their request. UPS determines if the address is residential or commercial and apply the appropriate rates.


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          JoeBTI Usually when there's a big version jump like that it's due to custom programming being on the store. Sometimes merchant request not to be updated as well. Support will need to look at some records to confirm this. I also see you also have an open ticket regarding the ups rates: ROY-474-22644 . Support will need to look at the information you received from UPS regarding the rates, if possible can you reply to that ticket with the info and I can make sure someone looks at it right away.


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            3dcart-William . I submitted a ticket yesterday morning. DCE-579-39675. Status is open and unassigned. Make sure they read carefully before they look into the rate difference. The order rates prior to the update had $3.00 added to the rate, which is now removed. They need to keep this in mind when comparing rates.
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              Thanks, I forwarded the ticket to management. You should get an update today. Thanks again for the detailed information!