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    3dCart needs to redesign how Visa Checkout is displayed on the Checkout Page -- I have had to disable the module because too many customers think that's the way to use Their Visa cards on our site. I have had a number of customers say they can't check out because they can't log into their account - or they've been "frozen out" - when I look at their account, there have been no failed attempts at logging in - a couple of times there was no account at all. Come to find they were trying to log into Visa Checkout thinking they were still on our site. I didn't have a lot of customers using it anyway, so I don't think it's necessary, but it's a big problem the way it's laid out.
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    Joe Arbogast

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    Another problem is 3dCart's implementation limits the shipping address to the US, Canada, and Australia. When we asked why, via a ticket, the response was that it was a Visa limitation. We pointed out that this was untrue. This is explicitly clear from looking at the developer guide on the Visa Checkout web site. The response was the standard:

    "Please understand that while your idea may be perfect for your individual business model, it may not work for all stores and situations. We’ve set up this feature request and suggestion portal for ideas that may be of a benefit to all users globally on 3dcart."

    So, we went from a wrong first answer to a lecture all without getting an answer. Is there some advantage to this restriction? Clearly, it is not a benefit to not have the option to sell globally when using this wallet.

    We test Visa Checkout from time to time, but because of this restriction, do not make it available at all times. We would use it all the time if this is changed.