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    I am having 2 separate referral information issues. The first is with the Referral info you actually get on the invoice in the cart, and the second is the referring website info found in Google Analytics.

    To test out if the referral info was working properly I placed a link to my website on another website I own. I had someone click that link to take them to my site, and then place an order. When they got to the site they clicked the 'Products' button in the Flash Nav Bar (my main site navigation is a flash file I have in frame.html), added the product to the cart and then made the purchase.

    Here is the information I got with regard to the purchase:

    1) In 3DCart's invoice for the purchase it lists the referrer as being the actual Flash Nav Bar ( the website where I placed the link to my site.

    2) In Google Analytics under the e-commerce section of the reports it lists the referral for the purchase as being I can only assume that has to do with the fact that they landed at initially, but then went to and that is why it lists as the final referral for the order.

    I need some help figuring out how to set things up so that I can get at least one (hopefully both) of these locations showing me the proper referral information. If you have any additional questions for me about any of this please let me know. Thanks for any help!