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Abandoned Cart Saver & Extra Carts Created by Customers

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  • Abandoned Cart Saver & Extra Carts Created by Customers

    I'm using the old abandoned carts email system but was looking at the new abandoned cart saver module because of the ability to send a coupon code several days later. When my abandoned cart email goes out, some customers are confused because they've already placed their orders. I'm assuming that it's the case that customers somehow end up with multiple carts and one is completed while the other goes to the not complete area. If this were to happen with a system that sent a coupon code, things could get a little sticky. Any thoughts on this?

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    Yes, see this frequently - -customers will create carts on different devices or browsers and I get calls/emails about whether their orders went through. Never had a problem with anyone asking about the Coupon. I put a note on the bottom of the email saying that if you have completed an identical order, you can disregard this email -- not sure if it helps or not.
    Joe Arbogast


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      The feedback definitely helps. I'll have to test it for a little bit.