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    Does anyone know how to create bulk number of similar coupons? I don't see any RestAPI for coupons.

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    At first glance, 3DCart makes creating a coupon and having it apply to otherwise unrelated products seem impossible.

    If you are asking how to create a coupon code and have it apply to any specific products that you want it to work for, the answer is pretty simple. You just create a hidden category, place the products that you want the discount on in that hidden category (as well as their normal category/ies) and create a coupon for that hidden category.

    If you are asking if there is a way to "clone" a discount coupon and then amend it, I know of no way of doing that.


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      kgraghu There is the Group Certificates option in the Marketing section of the admin. This is the sort of thing you'd use for Groupon - it just generates a bunch of unique codes that you can give out. There aren't any controls that let you assign them to a customer or make exceptions based on category or manufacturer, etc. For options like that you would have to use the standard Promotion Manager.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting