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Customes not able to scroll thru menus on mobile

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  • Customes not able to scroll thru menus on mobile

    We have the 'hamburger' menu on the smartphones and tablets, but customers are not able to scroll down on those menus. When they scroll, only the background moves and they are not able to see the other options. Does anyone else have this issue?

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    We had issues where the menu would just close when the customer tried to scroll. (Never liked the 3dCart mobile menu) We had the thecartdesigner change our mobile menu to the one he designed. Works well...Checkout our site to see what it looks like.

    You can order his mobile menu here:

    (I better get commission The Cart Designer :) )


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      add this rule at bottom of your css. hope it will fix it
      .top-menu ul{overflow:scroll !important}
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        damiencaz Almost all 3dcart provided (and even their in house design companies) stores have this issue on one mobile browser or another. Unlike others I completely did away with the ongoing fixes and manipulation of the provided menus and just made something that works properly. I would be happy however to give you the proper rules to help your situation if you pm me your url since suggestion for forcing scroll is the furthest from an ideal repair.

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