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    In the Header/Footer section...(global right banner)...
    I added a table with header that matches my store colors (two cell one column table). My only problem is that no matter what I's not totally right aligned next to the store frame (like the shopping cart section is). I've tried editing the table, reviewing the html, played with auto fit, pixel width, properties in both the edit table/edit cells areas with no luck. Anyone have an easy fix?

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    Have you checked to see if the frame template is causing the problem? Perhaps it has some padding set or something like that.


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      Yup...found the culprit in the frame.html - I originally checked the right bar format and it was correct, but hadn't scrolled down to the right banner section to compare the other right blocks on the right side, and found that both the cellspacing and cellpadding were off. After I fixed that...had to manually add in my spacers on the left side (if you know any tricks to not have my &nbsp spacing disappear on the left side everytime I edit that frame let me know:) ). But hopefully, won't have to touch this template again for a long time :D Thanks for the reminder...