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need someones help - getting insecure alert from favicon?

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  • need someones help - getting insecure alert from favicon?

    Trying to figure out how to fix this one for a page I manage for my brother - have converted his site over to https and everything is fine except when I test his site in I get an alert from every page that the favicon is unsecure??? any ideas on how to fix this one?

    I have changed the robots.txt files over in the ssl area - no issue
    Changed store url in 3dcart to https in both the store url section and secure store section

    He has his own ssl which 3dcart installed. His site was also designed by 3dcart.

    I'll attach the error message we are getting as it's showing the following - I have crossed out his website name - but I can test this on his homepage, and any other page and always get a similar error message - any ideas?

    Have a ticket in with 3dcart but have heard nothing back yet.

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    I took the favicon out last night via filezilla and placed it back in - no change still an issue?
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      success figured it out - find this coding on his frame.html page: I'll attach it via a .jpg

      I removed this coding and everything is now working great.
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