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Comments Text Box Border Color and reCaptcha Border / Background Color

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  • Comments Text Box Border Color and reCaptcha Border / Background Color

    I edited the "layout.css" file from "common-html5" to change the border colors of the text boxes on the "Create an Account" page of our "justswell-html5" theme. Worked for all of the borders on the "Create an Account" page except the "Comments" text box. How do I change the color of this text box? Also need to know how to change the border and background color of the "reCaptcha" box. Has anyone run up against this? Thanks.

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    norgon It is best practice to leave the layout.css alone in the common-html5 folder. All you need to do is add the new rule to your default(or default_modified.css) and it will automatically overwrite the rule in layout.css. This keeps you to only needing to modify one css file.

    Below will work for the comments border on the create account page (change the hex color to whatever you need):

    #registration0 .loginField textarea {border: 1px solid #d20000;}

    The reCAPTCHA background in general can be changed in the Modules-->ReCAPTCHA: Default, White, BackGlass, Clean.

    The background is comprised of images directly from google.
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      Thanks for the quick response. Border fix worked and changed the reCaptcha to "clean" in modules to correct the default background/border issue.

      Many thanks for the help!