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Limiting Promotions to 1 per Customer

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  • Limiting Promotions to 1 per Customer

    Even though I have a promotion set to 1 per customer, I have had a customer place two orders now without an account but using the same email address -- what is the "market" that keeps a customer from using a promo over and over?
    Joe Arbogast

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    Under Marketing go to promotion manager and see the attached screen shot - now if they use more than one email address your beat or you could just cancel the order if they try and be crafty - but better some money than no money.

    Hope it helps
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      candyman3597 -- thanks -but I know about that -- that's what I have set. However, I have a customer who used it twice using the same email address.
      Joe Arbogast


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        It might be a cookie, and if they clear the cache, they can start fresh again..


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          Or, it could be that "customer", as defined by 3DCart, could be that particular session. In other words, when they order again, they are a new customer placing a new order in a new session. One way to get around it would be requiring customers to set up an account in order to place an order, but that usually leads to poorer conversions.

          I forget which shopping cart it was - maybe BigCommerce - but there was a setting where you could have the cart automatically create an account and computer-generated password for every order - even if the customer chose "Checkout as Guest". While that may seem like an attractive thing, it led to people getting upset when they wanted to order again and were told that their Email was associated with an account and they had to enter their password (which they couldn't possibly know) in order to place an order. This was also bad for conversions.
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