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    Suggestion for Updates:

    Hi everyone,

    The first suggestion is the most important, at least for my company:

    1-) Product / Inventory sorting option:

    Is there any way that 3dcart developers could enable "Sorting" over Products/Inventory tab? This function already exist on the product page: See images P_001 and P_002
    That would make things around here so much better and faster: Yes, I know that we could be using the xml but just by allowing sorting over the product/inventory page would make a huge difference over our workflow. These could help people to be more efficient.

    2-) Display all shipping quotes available at once:

    Over the "ViewCart/Checkout" / Calculate Shipping, once upon filling the shipping information the customer will get a quote for shipping costs. The current version displays only a Dropdown option instead of showing a Checkbox option. Most of customers are not even ware of all the options available just because was not presented to them. We get loads of e-mails asking us this very dumb question. It seems to be a very simple fix or at least give us the opportunity to choose how we could displays those quotes. See images P_003 and P_004:

    3-) Ship by itself "IF"
    • Create an option inside the “Shipping Options” // Product – Information Tab // with the following:
    • Ships by itself if: Certain items are included in the same order.

    Ex:1: Customer X ordered 2 guitar cases: ID/SKU# ST_BLACK_PREMIUM (this item is marked as ships by itself). So the shipping will be calculate for 2 packages, which is correct. Shipping charges would be around $30.00 for each package, $60.00 total.

    Ex2: Customer X ordered 1 guitar case: ID/SKU# ST_BLACK_PREMIUM (this item is marked is ship by itself) and also couple of small guitar parts. So the shipping will be calculate for 2 packages which is not correct because those small parts would easily fit inside the case.
    Shipping charges would be around $30.00 for the first package, and an extra $15.00 for the second package. But in this case we are sending to our customers only one package.

    Few notes on this situation:
    • We are not calculating the shipping correctly and fairly.
    • Customers are regularly complaining about this, because they feel tricked about it.
    • We are losing business.
    • We are also giving a bad reputation to our company.

    Please see images: P_005 and P_006.

    Foot notes:

    All those options are available over BigCommerce and Shopify if you are an "enterprise size" company.

    Best Regards,

    Igor Tenorio
    Operations Manager
    [email protected]

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