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Credit card display at checkout

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  • ISGMe
    I second this feature request. Anything to make it easier for the shopper!

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  • hoosierdraft
    started a topic Credit card display at checkout

    Credit card display at checkout

    Just saw a neat feature on the 3dCart site. Signing up for a new store and during the payment process, a display of a credit card is generated on screen as you enter information. As soon as you start entering your CC number, the card becomes a VISA logo card along with the CC number displaying as you type. When you enter the expiry date, that is shown on the card image. When you enter the CVV, the card flips to the back and shows the CVV as you type. The only thing that did not work properly was the Name indicated on the card. It pulled the name from the Billing information line but did not display it. I had to manually enter it again for it to show on the card image. All in all, it was pretty impressive.

    Anyone know if this is going to be available on our actual stores??