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All of a sudden CAPTCHA is not working with our 3dcart CRM??

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  • All of a sudden CAPTCHA is not working with our 3dcart CRM??

    Just had a customer call to let us know they could not send us a message? They did not see a CAPTCHA area even though it was requesting one when they tried to send us a CRM.

    I thought it was on their end and then I checked and sure enough no one can send us a message since we have CAPTCHA enabled with the module. If you try to send a message you get a popup stating the validation is not correct or something to that sort.

    So I removed the checkbox in the module so no CAPTCHA is required now. But need to find out what changed? Was there a new release that just caused this issue as we have not touched that area of our website? We want to have CAPTCHA enabled so we don't start getting a bunch of spam emails.

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    I have reCAPTCHA checked and invisible under modules and when I try to create an account everything works fine - I'll attach the image - only thing I can find an issue with right now is the CRM area so I took off CAPTCHA in that area under the CRM modules so folks will not get an error message - but like to have a verification process otherwise our CRM box will be littered with garbage emails from spam bots.
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