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How are you using the MailChimp v2 integration?

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  • How are you using the MailChimp v2 integration?

    The newest MailChimp integration has some interesting features, allowing you to send e-mails based on what purchases your customers have made. But I don't understand how to use the settings in the 3dcart configuration.

    In the Synch Carts and Synch Orders fields, you are supposed to select a campaign to synch each field to. But I want to synch orders from each campaign I send. We sent multiple campaigns (e-mails) per week, and I don't want to synch orders from just one e-mail.

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    I was confused about it until about 10 seconds ago. I think you're supposed to create an automated email campaign in mailchimp such as a campaign that thanks people for their orders and has a product recommendation block. Obviously, I haven't dug into this but it could be pretty powerful
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      I believe that the V2 will synch your customers, and all new shopping carts and orders, allowing you to send very targeted mailings to the customers based on what they bought, or even what is in their shopping cart. You will also be able to customize mass mailings per customer based on their past purchases or carts.

      There is no detailed documentation about the integration, so it is left to us to experiment.
      One thing I found out, is that this integration will synch all your mailing and customers with Mailchimp. If you have lots of customers, it will push you into higher payment categories on Mailchimp. So be warned!
      I deactivated our V2 integration as I cannot figure out how to control the synching of customers.


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        Does anyone have someone they can refer to help setup Mailchimp in 3dcart?


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          This might help:


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            Originally posted by elightbox View Post
            t this integration will synch all your mailing and customers with Mailchimp. If you have lots of customers, it will push you into higher payment categories on Mailchimp. So be warned!.
            I had this issue - forced me into a $75/mo plan - not what I wanted, but I really needed to send something out. Because it was a large import of new names for Mailchimp, it forced me to send an email to everyone forcing them to re-confirm their subscription. After I sent this, the amount of responses put be back down to a reasonable number of customers for mailing (and paying for service). Moral of the story, if it does a massive import, you may only be looking at 1 month at that high rate and then only the rate for the confirmed customers afterwards.


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              I tried this when it first came out, and maybe I did something wrong, but it did not go well. When I synched my store the mailchimp for the orders it went all the way back to the start of my store and sent everyone emails about purchases. The purchase info was incorrect and it caused me to get flooded with tons of emails asking why they are getting charged for orders they never placed. I had to put a message on our voice mail explaining the problem.

              I had to turn it off. Again though maybe I did something wrong but I was just following whatever info was available to set up. I would love to use this feature but cannot take the risk that would happen again.


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                I also had a bad experience with this and I am scared to touch it again. When I activated it after it first came out, it sent all my customers to MailChimp, like 50K customers. I had to download my delete my list from MailChimp, delete it, clean the download, then re-import. I was also charged by Mailchimp for the additional customers.

                I turned off V2 after this incident.

                On February 21-23 of this year (2018) 3dcart sent 40K names to Mailchimp, even though V2 is turned off, and I have not touched any settings for months. Just out of the blue, 40 thousand names got sent over. During this period I was busy with other matters and, I repeat, I did not touch the settings neither on Mailchimp or 3dcart.
                I had to do the same drill as above of deleting and re-importing my cleaned list, and of course Mailchimp charges for the additional names, although they offered me a credit.

                V2 is scary to use. There should be an option to only do synching going forward, or with other filtering criteria of customers.
                Also, there should not be synching out of the blue without being initiated by the user. My guess is the last snych was due to some update to the system.