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anyone using ups surepost and what size labels

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  • anyone using ups surepost and what size labels

    ok - we're going to start using ups surepost along wtih ups and usps. Being told we need to print on our thermal printer using a 4" x 8" label. Crazy thing is shipstation is not supporting a 4" x 8" label. Does anhyone ship ups surepost and use a 4" x 6" label? Thanks!

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    ok what I did after being told by our ups rep and a shipstation rep. that the label size needed to 4" x 8" for ups surepost, I decided to track down an ups truck at our post office this am. Not an issue as he was there - we know most drivers in the area. Sure enough 90% of the surepost packages had a 4" x 6" label on them. Seriously getting tired of figuring out a very simple question for companies. So we can use a 4" x 6" label and simply remove our logo and any comments from our ups shipping label and it should work. Now time to let shipstation know as well since they don't support 4" x 8" labels. Their rep. should have simply told me you can use 4" x 6" label and simply remove your company logo from the shipping label!


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      We use a 4x8 for the surepost with a logo at the top.
      Some notes about sure post. Had to really dig to find out.
      1. you cannot insure sure post. if package is lost or damaged, tough luck!
      2. If the weight/dimensional weight is under 10 lbs, then you use the actual weight. So even the dimensional weight is 9 lb, but the actual is 1, you use 1. This saves a ton of money on shipping light but bigger boxes.
      3. with sure post, you can actually ship to a PO Box.


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        Best part is UPS directly delivers 70% of our packages rather than passing it off to USPS (Who tends to lose a ton of packages). Biggest bonus is NO residential or delivery area surcharges ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Does shipstation work through WorldShip? If yes, just call your local UPS rep and have them send in a UPS technology specialist. I'm sure they can work some magic, so you can print on a 4X8 label. Usually doesn't cost anything.


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          we actually can use a 4" x 6" with shipstation - just no logo on the label which is no big deal! Can't wait to test it out this weekend after the service gets activated