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Updates to Email Template Not Being Retained

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  • Updates to Email Template Not Being Retained

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I updated the email template a customer receives when placing a new order and it appears correct when I view it in the template preview. When I receive the copy of the order that is sent to me, it still shows one of the changes not updated. I presume that I am receiving the same email as the customer since it is addressed to the customer so I would guess the customer is seeing the incorrect template, too.

    Here's what the footer looks like in the new order email I just received:

    email footer wrong.jpg

    and here's what it looks like when I preview the order email template (this is the way I want it to look):

    email footer correct.jpg

    There are other things wrong in the template that I've changed, as well, that are not showing up correctly in the received email.

    Any insights as to whether I'm doing something wrong or is this a 3dcart bug?
    Thank you.

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    3dcart helped me understand that the customer receives the New Order - Customer template email while I, the merchant, receives the New Order - Merchant template email. Now, I feel kind of dumb but hope this helps someone else out.