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Credit Card Capture Ignores Store Credit

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  • Credit Card Capture Ignores Store Credit

    Not sure if you consider this a bug or not - but I would like for someone from 3dCart to comment.

    I use flat rate shipping a lot, which of course doesn't show up on front end, so a customer is then given store credit for use of the lower cost shipping method, which is properly applied to the next order. However, when processing the next order, I reduce the shipping charges again and when I go to capture funds, 3dcart ignores the initial store credit.


    Customer orders $20 item which has $8 shipping charge, for a total of $28 -- they have a $2.00 store credit, so their total is $26.00. If we once again lower shipping charges from the $8.00 to $6.00, their new total is now $24.00 (they already paid $2 with credit). However, when I capture the transaction, it captures $25 and not $24. Either the credit needs to be taken into consideration, or when you go to Capture funds, you are given a box to enter an amount for the capture.
    Joe Arbogast

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    25? Where did an odd number come from when we're dealing with numbers like 28 and 2? That's weird.

    That part about flat rate shipping not showing up on the front end, can you elaborate on that please?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      Dean - a typo on my part -- should be $26.

      On the flat rate, what I mean is that the cart cannot display to the customer what any of the possible USPS Flat rate options might be (Medium Flat, Large Flat, Regional A, etc.), and so there needs to be an adjustment on my end after the order is placed.
      Joe Arbogast