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What reports do you use for bookkeeping?

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  • What reports do you use for bookkeeping?

    I was previously using customer input and have reached the 14,500 limit in quickbooks.

    I'm now moving away from this method and looking for a more money in, money out method of bookkeeping.

    What reports are other 3dcart users working with?

    Do you care about in-state / out of state?

    Do you simply grab a monthly total of income from 3dcart, then use creditcards and bank statements for expenses?

    Any info you can provide on how you handle bookkeeping will be helpful.
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    I am almost at my customer limit again for QB. What I do is take a whole year of customers and merge them into one customer. I change the name to something like "2005 customer" and merge all of the 2005 customers into that one name. Keeps all the data intact for reports and inventory and frees up all those spots. There are companies that offer a script for this but I am a small business so I just do them manually. Perhaps you can do this as a stop gap measure until you swap.