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  • Wishlist question.

    I have been taking a look at the wishlist and realized that when a customer pulls up a wishlist, all items, even those that are sold out and cannot be purchased, are listed the same as those that are. The customer does not know the item is out of stock until they take the time to try and add the item to their cart. All the other companies that I have wishlists for show the stock available for items on my wishlist. So I do not waste my time clicking on everything just to check availability. I think this makes the 3dcart wishlist feature discouraging for customers to use. Especially for many of my antique,vintage or handcrafted items where stock is limited to one and I have no idea when I might be able to restock it. It is lacking a basic function that customers are used to having elsewhere. I have searched and I do not see a way to make this happen with any settings etc. in 3dcart. Am I missing something?


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    P.S. If it is not possible to have stock show with a 3dcart setting, can we safely add the stock field into the wishlist somehow?