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    I have a number of products that are now no longer available and I have hidden on the store -- and now I have a new product line that replaces that. I'm having trouble identifying the correct URL for creating 301 redirects to the new products. Google has the old pages listed and I have good SERP results, but they lead to a "product not found" page -- i try to use the URL for the resulting "product not found page" to point to the new product but it doesn't work. If I try and use the URL that points to the page if it is NOT hidden, that also does not work. Is there a trick to this?

    Thanks in advance.
    Joe Arbogast

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    If I am understanding you correctly, you should be able to go to the meta tag tab and put in the new URL.
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      Birdsafe Hey Joe,

      The 301 redirects are for pages (and products) that don't exist - for things that cause 404's. I don't believe you can use them for a hidden product because, even though hidden, that product's address still exists - it's just not accessible because the software doesn't permit access. That's different from a 404.

      In my testing, the "Hide" checkbox overrides the internal redirect that Pack Secure is referring to - the Redirect Link on the product's Meta Tags tab. If you have a product hidden and you have a complete address in that product's Redirect Link field, the visitor will not be redirected, and will instead go to the internal error page that displays when you try to view a hidden product.

      In other words: To redirect a visitor from old-product-X to new-product-Y via the Meta tags page, product X must not be hidden.

      I don't know if this is the intended functionality, so it may be worth submitting a ticket and specifically asking if it is. I can't think of a whole lot of use for that redirect in this current form; being able to redirect visitors from a hidden product to a live product would be much more useful than the current functionality.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        Thanks DeanP and Pack Secure -- Pack -- your solution worked! Easy!
        Joe Arbogast


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          Glad to hear it. :) You're Welcome.

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