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  • 3dcart and PayPal Pro

    Still in the test phase of our new store and have an issue with completing orders using our POS. Customers products are selected in the 3dcart POS and when paying with a credit card, we automatically are forwarded to the PayPal POS. The transaction is completed and approved through PayPal and a receipt is printed. The problem is we are not automatically returned to the 3dcart POS and the products purchased are not subtracted from our inventory. The sale is not reflected in the 3dcart POS or admin page. It only shows as a sale through PayPal.

    I have checked the PayPal setting which shows we should be automatically returned to the 3dcart POS. Our 3dcart payment setting is set for PayPal.

    This issue is only with payment with a credit card. Cash payments are reflected as a 3dcart sale, receipt printed and products subtracted from our inventory.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as we are currently operating two ecommerce programs and need to make a determination as to which program to maintain.

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    I know this is an old post, but did you ever figure this out? We are dealing with the same issue.