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  • Javascript popup on selecting option

    A little background: I sell hockey referee equipment and people have been asking me to offer a service to attach a nameplate to the back of a jersey (one that would be on the same order as well). The "catch" with this is that once we sew the plate onto the new jersey, we can no longer accept the jersey back for a return unless it is defective. Even though I have notes stating as much in the product description (and the help popup next to the option), I would like a popup to show up when someone selects that service that they would have to OK (can even be at add to cart) acknowledging the jersey cannot be returned/exchanged unless it is defective.

    Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? The page in question is (and I would like the popup based on the "Sew Plate Onto Jersey" option).

    I appreciate the help in advance.