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  • Change Add To Cart Button

    Hello all,

    I need to change the Add to Cart buyitlink. The thumbnails link to the product description, but, I also need to change the "buyitlink" to go to the product description. Items with no options only allow you to "Add to Cart". You can't click the link for futher info on the product.
    Very confusing to potential customers and we have received numerous calls regarding this...
    anybody able to modify the "BUY" or "Add to Cart" link?



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    We had the same issue, and somone on these boards (sorry, forgot who it was), had the bright idea to add a "blank" option to those products. It never shows up, but when the customer clicks the Add to Cart button it takes them to the product page with the description. Works great for us now! :)


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      you will need to edit your listing html file


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        You don't need to edit your listing html file if you don't want to. I just created a blank option in the template options. I created it as a check box with a name and marked it as required. However I didn't add any options to it. Then I add this blank option to all of my products as a global option at the highest category level. This will force the description to open each time the customer clicks on your Add to Cart Button.

        I also didn't want the button to say Add to Cart any more - so I changed the text to say View Details. Part of this was done in the languages section. I think I also had to change the button text in the html for the search screen - as they don't use the same button text (not sure why) The search screen seems to be all on it's own and I wish it worked like everything else so we only had to make changes to one spot.

        Hope this helps
        Cobweb Corner
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          Thank you. The Blank Option worked well. The only other issues I think is with the Search results button text.


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            Originally posted by cekman View Post
            I think I also had to change the button text in the html for the search screen - as they don't use the same button text (not sure why) The search screen seems to be all on it's own and I wish it worked like everything else so we only had to make changes to one spot.
            Can anyone tell me which block in the search.html template? I've been trying to change the add to cart text on the results generated from the search bar...located the addtocart section but not the actual text area where I can change to "view details". :confused:


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              <!--START: addtocart-->	<tr>
              <td><input type="button" onClick="window.location='add_cart.asp?
              quick=1&item_id=[catalogid]';" name="Add" value="[product_SearchBuyText]" 
              </td></tr><!--END: addtocart-->
              The code is above. But first I went to Store Languages section and I created a new field called SEARCHBUYTEXT. This is under the PRODUCT section of the languages page. I'm not sure why I did it this way - I think I could have just hard-coded the text in. I did it a while ago and this is the solution I came up with and it worked. It may be that I used this field in other places so I only needed on place to set the text.

              Hope this helps.
              C Ekman
              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                Thank you - worked like a charm!

                Although the first field I added incorrectly in the store language - so now I have an extra line that's not needed...guess I'll have to ask support to get rid of it as there's no way to delete or edit your field names (looks like you can just add them).


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                  Yes - I couldn't find a way to delete either. But I'll bet support will take care of it for you.

                  Glad it worked.
                  C Ekman
                  Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                    I'm having this same issue and just discovered it by accident. Almost every single item I sell is unique and one-of-a-kind so it's imperative that the customer click for more details.

                    I followed the advice given and added a blank option to one of my products. Worked great! :) Clicking on the buyitlink, which I have renamed to "Details", took me through to the item description. However, I'm not able to implement the global category option change. I have a lot of products added already so changing them one-by-one is too time consuming.

                    What am I missing here? Can someone provide more specific instructions on how to change this globally, please? I'm savvy enough to figure out the basics, but I am in no way a techy html guru.

                    Seems like with 3dCart there's always more than one way to get the job done and I've tried several different things following the instructions above and, well, it just ain't workin'! :(


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                      Hi Kath,

                      There is an easier fix that doesn't require adding any options but does require modifying the Category template.

                      Basically edit your category_0.html or any other category template that you're using. Look for the the link to ADD_CART.ASP, and change it to a link to PRODUCT.ASP. This needs to be the same link that you already have in the image of the product, so you can just copy/paste, the entire link would looks similar to product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]

                      You can do the same for the SEARCH page. Just remember that the product.asp link takes the customer to the details page, and the add_cart.asp link adds directly to the cart.


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                        Hi Jim,

                        Thanks for your reply. I made the change in the category template I'm using, but it's still adding the products to the cart and not going to the item details page. Is there perhaps another place that I need to make this change as well?

                        Thanks you!


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                          I would think this is on the listing_X template.:confused:


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                            I looked in the listing_x.html. However, I'm just now sure that's correct. If you've clicked on a item and it takes you to the detail page for that item that page use the listing_x.html template, doesn't it? If so, changing the add_cart.asp on listing_x.html would no longer allow that item to be put into the cart, right???

                            I am close to submitting a support ticket for this as I need to get this figured out asap as it's one of the last steps before switching over my DNS and going live!


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                              Hi Kath,

                              It's definitively the category_x.html template, this is the one that lists all the items with the Add to cart link for each one of them.

                              The link is in multiple places within that HTML page, so just search for any link that is still using add_cart.asp and make sure you replace those.

                              If you're still having the issue then please open a support ticket and let a technician assist you with this.