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anyone have this happen when item is placed on sale

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  • anyone have this happen when item is placed on sale

    had our website designed by 3dcart years ago and sometimes you don't notice issues until later - here's one I just happened to notice. When an item is placed on sale and then if you go to the actual item page the word "price" is removed with nothing and all that shows is a colon and then the price. Does anyone have any clue what should be in front of the colon? Perhaps the word price with a slash through it? Perhaps a on sale logo?

    I'll attach two pictures - one showing the word "Price" and then the price then if I check the box in admin and place an item on sale the word price is removed and all that is left is a colon and price showing. Something is missing prior to the colon and wondering where to go to fix it? I could call 3dcart since they did design our website however it may be something I can fix if I have an idea where to go to look for the issue.

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    After an item is placed on the sale the coding looks like this
    div class="price">
    <del class="price2">$2.65&nbsp;</del>
    <span class="hidden">:&nbsp;</span>$2.50
    <div class="on-sale">Sale</div>
    <!--END: SALEPRICE-->


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      always works best to work on your website in the middle of the night when your brain is fully engaged - working on store language area now and fixing this issue. Adding some generic wording that will then show on any item placed on sale.


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        ebeegirl Look for this variable in your listing template [product_yourprice] and make sure its placed within this code block <!--START: ITEMPRICE--><!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
        Clear store cache and check if the issue is fixed. If you still see the issue, please provide the link to one of your product that is on sale.
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          ebeegirl Look at the simplest first. Go Settings--Design-->Store Language: use searchbar to search: onsale

          If it is empty, add something like: Sale Price: or On Sale:

          Save, clear cache refresh.

          If it is not empty, then you have reason to look at the html. If per chance the listing hasn't been modified since the 3dcart build, then 3dcart should address the issue for you without question.

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