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Why the Change? Keep It Simple.

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  • Why the Change? Keep It Simple.

    Why did they change this? Under 'Orders' you can type in a keyword. (example-order number). A customer calls, we throw in the order number and boom, there it is the order. SIMPLE. Now they changed it to default to only NEW order numbers. So, we have to go and click all these different things to find the order. Things are too busy, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Please, go back to what works for us.

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    I am with you. No need for the change.

    We have a bookmark set up that works great once you are logged in ... [store_url]/admin/order_search.asp?

    If you click on that bookmark, it will search all order.


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      BINGO! Exactly why give your clients more steps to do. Voting for a do over LOL Put it back


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        DITTO BINGO - please stop adding complexity to processes that are/were and should be simple!


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          Hmm. Do you all know that you can just type the order number into the upper right admin search and the order will populate in the suggestions directly below the search bar? Click the suggestion and you'll go directly to the order. This is faster than navigating to Orders, searching, getting a results page, and clicking the result, which is the method that you all have been using.

          That said, what version are you all on? I just got moved to 8.0.3 and I see this same behavior. If you click Advanced on the Orders table you can see that New is pre-selected in the Order Status dropdown. I think this was not always the case. I say I think because, as I said, I don't often search for orders that way. If this has changed, then I agree that it is a counter-productive change.
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting