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  • Price Level troubles

    We offer wholesale pricing to certain customers but we are having trouble with customers with some (not all) of these special price levels seeing their correct pricing. When we access their accounts via the their account page in 3dCart the pricing shows correct, however, when the customer logs into their account via our website their pricing level is not applying. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks in advance!

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    I have a similar setup, and occasionally I'll hear from someone with the opposite problem: their discounted pricing still displays after they log out. Unfortunately I have no choice but to dismiss those rare occurrences as browser / caching issues on the buyer's end, because I've never - in several years on 3dcart - duplicated that issue. If that can happen, then I would say it's possible for the opposite to happen: buyer sees retail pricing instead of their discounted pricing.

    That's assuming everything is set up correctly though. At the risk of tell you a bunch of stuff you already know, I'll go over some things that I have overlooked at one point. This problem is almost certainly on your customer's end though.

    Product > Advanced: Check that you have actually filled in the the price level.

    Product > Advanced: Make sure the Hide on this level box is not checked.

    Product > Options: Does the product have options? If so, know that price levels don't work with options. You must use Advanced Options instead.

    Product > Information: Is the product on sale? Check that the sale price doesn't conflict with the price levels. The On Sale price doesn't affect price levels; price level customers will always see their price level, regardless of sales.

    Settings > General > Store Settings > General tab (at top) > Enable Advanced Page Cache (at bottom): Your home page, category pages, and product pages are subject to caching if you have this box checked. This caching doesn't affect whether price levels display, but clearing the cache may help fix the problem that does.

    Finally, and if your customer is willing to, ask that they try a different browser. I believe there was an update to version 8.0.3 in the not-so-distant past, so it's possible that a bug that has nothing to do with any of the above was introduced. If all else fails, submit a ticket. Good luck.

    EDIT: Oh I forgot!! The #1 most frequent cause of this problem: they aren't logged in.
    • They think they are, but they're not.
    • They'll tell you they are, but they aren't.
    • They forgot that they created a second account because they forgot the password to the first one, and they're logged into that second one.
    • They'll fill in their email and password but fail to submit the page, but they'll tell you they did.
    • They'll assume the problem was due to your website, and not that they were distracted.
    To be clear, I'm not saying that customers are idiots; these are oversights and mistakes that we all make. :)
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      Make sure they didn't create two or more accounts with different emails addresses. Maybe verify what email address they're logging in with and that they only created one account. I've had customers make new accounts due to an email change, rather than changing the email on the primary account. Then get the "Hey, what happened to my pricing" call.

      Reminds me that everyone needs to vote on this:


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        Thanks for the assistance! Turns out it was something on the back-end, 3d techs got it taken care of!