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Searching in Inventory screen for Products Options SKUs

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  • Searching in Inventory screen for Products Options SKUs

    So have quite a bit of items where I'll add the core product and it has 4 or 5 options, which all have different SKUS. Ive got them to display at least on the pages so it seems like they are linked, but when i try to search within inventory that secondary SKU number, it finds nothing.

    I can search for the Core ID # and it finds that in this case 15, but it doesnt find the options which i need to mess with SKU levels which in my case are ATH84573 ,ATH84574 and ATH84575.

    How do i get this set up so i can actually search off those Option SKUs. Were going to go with the POS as well here and id ideally like to be able to search when entering a product in by the product SKU.

    The odd kicker on this is that if i enter a part of the name of the product, it then magically sees the initial core ID# 15 AND all 3 of my other SKUs.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? The thing here is we had our data imported on most of these in from Shopify, but im currently linking anything that doesnt have a ID# in the field with the one it was assigned to bring the SKUs out to the items. Not sure if that has much to do with it, but i even tried the same thing above on a brand new product i made from scratch so i think its an overall issue of mine.

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    I have a couple ideas, but try this simple one first:

    Instead of using the full admin search in the upper right, try the more specific Product List search. Navigate to:

    Admin > Products > Product List. See the search bar in the upper left.

    Unlike the general search in the upper right which searches product names, this more expansive Product search will search through some other product fields like the product description. It might search comma separate items in the Keywords field too, or fields in the Options and Advanced Options - I'm not certain. You can tinker with it and write in your SKUs accordingly. Or, contact support and ask them which product / option / advanced option fields are subject to the Product List search.

    If this works for you and you think you'll need to use the Product List search frequently, consider adding a Bookmark to it on your browsers Bookmarks Bar. That way you can navigate to the Product List search without even needing to visit the admin first. Let me know how it goes.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      It's moreso id like to search by the "code" or SKU im adding into my Options for an item. I need to update inventory that way as thats what i use, my products SKU. Its a pain to search for it based on description, but not be able to search the other way

      Neither Inventory or Product List really enables me to do that so im still stuck doing this the hard way.

      I wish the following would allow for the ability to search by the Options "codes" fields or something.

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        You can. I tested this and it worked:

        On the parent product's Information page, type the SKUs into the Keywords box. Whatever comma-separated text you put in there will be searchable on both the customer-facing side and the admin. But in the admin, you have to use the Product List search that I described above, not the general admin search in the upper right.

        So if the SKUs for your child option products are:

        The the following in the Keywords field:

        dog-calendar1, cat-calendar-2, coffee-calendar-3

        Does that work for you?
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          That would mean i have to be within the parent product itself of the options. The whole premise of the Inventory List thats selectable in the Product list "More" menu to be should allow you to search by the SKU or Code fields of the Advanced Options of a product. This is something you can do in Shopify within their inventory menu, whereas it seems like 3dcarts is somewhat broken and kind of allows you to search for them given you put in some part of the description of the item ( and sometimes even that doesnt work right ive noticed).